Kitchen stool ‘atopa’ headmaster reveals what actually transpired


Robert Seppey, former headmaster of Adumanu D/A Basic School in the Central Region has revealed what transpired between him and the girl he slept with. According to Seppey, the girl in question is not underage and 16 years like many people rumored, rather she was 18.

In an interview with Kofi TV, Seppey who was expelled due to the incident disclosed that he and the girl agreed to filmed the act.


He explained that after the filming the act, they deleted it but the video found its way into the girl’s memory card. Seppey said that the memory card was given to the girl’s brother and that led to the video leaking and going viral.


In the interview, Robert Seppey noted that he has been going through a lot of hardship after getting sacked by the Ghana Education Service. He said he has been surviving with the help of friends since he has not been gainfully employed after the sack. The former headmaster however alleged that the Ghana Education Service did not expel him using the right channel. He noted that it was wrong to even sack him in the first place since there is no law against his act in the GES rules and regulation.


Robert Seppey noted that even though he apologizes for filming the act, he finds it wrong that he was sacked over the matter. The embattled former headmaster also revealed that he has forgiven those who leaked the video that led to his sacking. Last year, a video involving Robert Seppey and a High School girl having an affair popped up and went viral. Robert was chastised for the incident and rumors had it that the girl was his student and was also underage. But Robert Seppey debunked the allegation that the girl was his student and underage. He noted that the girl in the video was his girlfriend and that the girl was not his student but rather in SHS 3 in another school.  source :