Jobberman launches White Paper on engaging millennials productively in the workplace


Millennials are fast becoming the teeming populace of the workforce across Ghana & Africa, and most employers are grappling with the challenge of ensuring their millennial workforce is productive.

43% of Ghanaian millennials are gainfully employed, 77% of which are educated with at least their first degree, making them a force to reckon with, as they make up close to 50% of today’s workforce. Millennials take pride in a company’s mission and values rather than just taking a job for the sake of it; their willingness to be innovative with ordinary roles is astounding but at the same time they are not chained by benefits, health insurance and other perks offered but rather prefer instant gratification like getting a raise, open feedback, and their personal space, all of which traditional employers find hard to accept.

To better understand millennials and productivity in today’s workplace, it is essential for employers to create an employee-centered culture that fosters millennial productivity. To investigate and help employers achieve this, Jobberman Ghana has prepared a white paper that provides insights and solutions to what makes millennials productive.

The white paper is supported by a survey that involved 2,575 Ghanaian employed millennials and gathered data from Jobbermans’ internal database of over hundreds of thousands of job seekers, including additional external research, to arrive at these insights and solutions.

The white paper also includes a case study Jobberman Ghana conducted on a pan-African technology company Andela. The Andela brand has a workforce that comprises of at least 70% millennials, and embodies several factors that have been identified as crucial to ensuring productivity among millennials; key management staff were interviewed (Senior Director of People, Operations Director and People Operations Manager) as well as numerous millennial employees from the organisation.

The white paper explores the factors that are necessary to ensure optimum productivity amongst millennials, detailing the importance of each and illustrating how employers can implement them. The five focus areas are Work Culture, Sense of Pride, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development Opportunities and Tools.

Speaking during the launch of the white paper on 30th January 2019, Jobberman Ghana’s CEO Geoffrey France stressed that: “Keeping millennials productive in the workplace from findings of the survey will be much easier have if employers focus on five important factors which we are sharing in this whitepaper”.


Source: Jobberman Ghana