Few GH artists are purely doing music for survival; most are into Sakawa – Edem reveals


The frequently asked questions (FAQ) is “does doing music in Ghana pays”? The answer is obviously “YES” but because structures and systems in Ghana not excluding royalties mismanagement by GHAMRO make the above answer tentative.

So, to live extremely good in Ghana as an artist, one must look out for ways and means to double the figures as according to rapper Edem, the music income in Ghana isn’t encouraging – It’s largely limited to shows.

But in trying to double the figures as an artist, most of them especially the males deviate from the norm – they go the illegal way not excluding internet fraud otherwise known as “Sakawa”. Speaking to DJ Reuben on Luv FM’s Drive Time segment on yesterday, February 22, 2019, Edem made it emphatic that most artists are into “Sakawa” for financial support.

Although Edem failed to mention names of such artists and that makes his assertion prone to rejection. Nonetheless, Ghana’s very own Shatta Wale recently took to social media specifically Twitter that when the going gets tough; Sakawa will be his next move.

So logically, there’s an iota of truth in what Edem said in the studios of Luv 99.5 FM in the Garden City or better still Kumasi.


Source: ghbase.com