25 Ways to Write a Facebook Update


My Personal Favorite

0. Start the update with a question

  1. End the update with a question
  2. Include a fill-in-the-blank question
  3. Use a short URL
  4. Use a full URL
  5. Use a custom URL (e.g., kiss.ly for KISSmetrics)
  6. Do not include a URL (example below)
  7. Sign the update with “- Your Name”
  8. Use an image with text overlay
  9. Use an image without text overlay
  10. Write your headline in title case (e.g., capitalize all the main words)
  11. Write your headline in sentence case (e.g., capitalize the first word and proper nouns only)
  12. Write your update in all lowercase
  13. “Headline: URL”
  14. Share a link, then remove the link attachment (example below)
  15. No text at all (example below)
  16. Insert a horizontal rule
  17. Place hashtags inside the update
  18. Place hashtags at the end of the update
  19. Use emoji
  20. Insert how you’re feeling (for profiles only – example below)
  21. Attribute and tag other accounts
  22. Punctuation-heavy text (think: plain-text emails, example below)
  23. Place everything in the same paragraph
  24. Place things on separate lines

These different elements can be combined into a single Facebook update in a number of ways. For instance, you could start the update with a question, then write the headline in title case, then sign your name, then add hashtags.

We’re currently trying out signatures and full URLs in some of our Facebook posts.

Also important: Keep in mind that Facebook truncates posts in the news feed after the fifth line.